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23 WAYS to Stop Youth Violence is an anti-violence campaign aimed at middle school and high school students designed to create heightened awareness of the epidemic of violence and bullying today’s young people are experiencing, and to discuss practical solutions to managing the actions and emotions that often lead to violent acts.

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23 WAYS to Stop Youth Violence will be spearheaded by Ronnie Brown and supported by his partners in this program, including Teen Truth Live and the Miami-Dade Violence Intervention Project (VIP).  Twice a month during the NFL season, Brown and his 23 WAYS team will visit middle schools and high schools in Miami-Dade and Broward counties with a powerful, interactive experience that features motivational speakers, Teen Truth Live’s award-winning documentary and VIP’s staff of law enforcement officials, counselors and social workers.  The program will impact more than 10,000 young people over the course of a four month period.


** Omari Hardwick Join's the 23 Ways Program **

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23 WAYS to Stop Youth Violence

  1. Walk away
  2. See the big picture
  3. Give respect to get respect
  4. Think before you act
  5. Learn to manage your anger
  6. Talk to someone you trust
  7. Listen & Understand
  8. What would your family say?
  9. Tell the truth
  10. Speak up
  11. Exhibit tolerance
  12. Speak with a professional
  1. Lead, don’t follow
  2. Adjust your attitude
  3. Remember your faith
  4. Think about your future
  5. Know the consequences
  6. Get involved at school, in your community
  7. Who you are really hurting?
  8. Stay in school
  9. Surround yourself with positive people
  10. Believe in yourself
  11. Negotiate

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