Omari Hardwick's 23 Ways Poem
Written by Omari Hardwick   
Omari Hardwick - 23 Ways


It's 23 minutes past pain
23 minutes ago
23 faces that looked like these 23 got beaten again. 
The alarm clock just rang
Every morning the time be the same.
Another meeting with a school board in 22 minutes  
My rhyme be the same.
New school, but same fool
Bullies classmate with a board
Cuz the bully decided the classmate was a tool...
Dear Lord, this poet left mourning in the morning  
Rain pouring
Inside my soul,
Even though the sun is out...
My smile got storms inside its hole
Every time another son is left to shout...
"Leave me alone...I'm just trying to get home!"
Even though you see no tears
I'm crying through this poem...
Dear America, 21 students started the year
With the other 23, and now the 21st is gone
And she was my dear friend
She got jumped by girls she thought were hers,
Said she got fat...only liked her when she was thin
Alarm ringing... hear it again...
Wake up it's 2010
23 days from the shake up!
2011 and two thousand and eleven 7th & 8th graders will break up
Before two thousand and eleven high school sweethearts will make up
Nine hundred and eleven will take up
With darkness in their view
Like 911 planes - the crash is bigger than we ever knew...
20 beautiful future Barack Obama's
Are 20 miles from here considering sayin' goodbye to their single mamas
Because they can't be with the beautiful girl they want to.
Dear parents we at ground zero
At 19; Was at college, bullied by my football teammate
Cuz he said he could tell I'd one day be Fahrenheits' Ronnie Brown hero
& I often wonder where he is & what he does...
He's probably the father of someone your age
Getting beaten up for being as smart as he was,
Sitting in some assembly like you
Listening to someone like me
Say his daddy's prediction of me was true.
Dear Lord, help me to see
That those who claim to hate me  
Really actually love me
And want to be like me too
Or at least 18 of them do.
Like my shadow...
Like my twin tower...
Children will lead our revolution
But men will determine their power
Dear fathers, it's 17 minutes past the hour

Omari Hardwick - 23 Ways poem
And we still rhythmless and dead beat
So our son's and daughters showing up dead and beat
Never had your hand to apply the heat
So when the bully makes it too hot in the kitchen,
Our sons retreat
Never had a man to ask why or teach
So when the bully is on his mission
Our children's self esteem is shot
And left bleeding in the streets...
Call 911 now!
Another confidence that coulda been more is down on the floor
& Dear Mothers, the Ref is on the 9 count lookin for you to call the fight.
Sure there's cooking to do but our daughters' losing their appetite.
So this poem...perhaps a piece of food for thought...if I mite
Cuz every 16 minutes 16 of our students are surrounded by 16 dark souls
Do the math...thas 32 that need some light
Our seeds are scared
Our creed of love another as you would yourself is SMEARED
Like Jesus bullied by 15 soldiers who cheered
While they spit on his face,
14 bullied Gandhi for running the same kind of RACE
Like 13 spraying Dr. King with water hoses cuz of his RACE.
This day is a Challenge I pose  
I suppose...Of sorts
That we as leaders lead this fight against our children battering each other for sport
Instead of participating in real sport  
We forced to watch Bryant Gumbel reports on Real Sports
Bout some high school ball players who beat their 12-year-old teammate cuz he's gay,
Leaving his 11-year-old back up who's confused about who he is, just as scared to play.
Dear Words, sometimes I don't know which ones of you to say.  
I just know the underage hatred has to be driven away
23 students in 23 states are no longer livin today...
Thas an entire 7th grade class
(drunkenly pushed off the chip on some classmate's shoulder who didn't like their looks  
Who didn't like that they were into their books.)
The next Holden can yield...10 minutes is all it took
To become the 9th wonder of his home room caught in the Rhye...
And back at his home there's no room for his fears
And his bad dreams to get by
So he stuffs the pain he's dying to get out
Deep into the crevices of the broken down couch
Sat on daily by his 8-year-old sister Haley
Who was seven the 1st time she was hit in the chin
Cuz like Eminem she not the same color as an M&M
So a misguided princess picked up five rocks
And began to stone little Haley with them.
Forrest Gump said it best  
But what is life when chocolate kids live in a box
Where the school uniform should be bullet proof vests???
Four Elton Johns will be bullied in the next 3 minutes of this poem being read
Cuz they don't fit what the bullies parents once said.
Dear Hope, what are we teaching our kids
When there’s 2 left on this earth
And even then 1 named Derrion Albert is "pummeled" by the other
On a Chicago sidewalk until he’s pronounced DEAD...?
And answers go unspoken because we're plagued by a deaf world
So silence has spread...
So today we pledge
To save our boys and girls
With Ronnie Brown's 23 Ways to Stop Youth Violence instead.